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Global Client Feedback Initiatives and Best Practices

Many law firms prioritise their marketing and business development objectives to help them win new clients, but how many take a strategic approach to looking after their existing clients and have dedicated client retention programs in place?

A new study commissioned by LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell® and undertaken by Wicker Park Group builds a broader understanding of some of the key trends in client feedback practices that are taking place in law firms globally.

The study “Client Feedback Initiatives and Best Practices” examines how international law firms are engaged in client feedback efforts and identifies best practices. The report examines:
  • Do law firms actively gather client feedback
  • Objectives and importance of client feedback initiatives
  • Who is responsible for feedback initiatives
  • How is client feedback used within law firms
  • How do different global regions gather client feedback
The findings are based on responses to an online questionnaire during March –April 2011, from over 415 law firms in Western/Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and the USA.

Download the Reports

Download the summary or full report for free.

Summary report
The summary report highlights some of the study’s findings in relation to:
  • Existence of formal feedback programs
  • Methods used to obtain feedback
  • Responsibility for feedback efforts
Full report
The full report examines the client feedback efforts of international law firms and provides some best practice methods to help law firms structure and develop an effective client feedback programme.

Obtain Client Feedback

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